Be a Champion

Written By:  Brenda Parker

-PreKindergarten Teacher

When do you feel like a champion?  Can you picture yourself running a marathon?  What would it look like when you finished?  I know I would be exhausted, but at the same time invigorated by the sense of accomplishment.  I know for sure my hands would be in the air and I would be celebrating!  Sometimes a year of teaching is very similar to running that marathon.  We start out confident (even though I am still nervous on the inside), and the road throughout the year can have many turns, and even the dreaded hill you must climb.  Sometimes you wonder if the top of that hill is ever going to come.  Then when the hardest days seem to wane, you look up and find yourself smiling again.  Did the situation that caused your struggle change?  Maybe.  Did life magically get better?  Probably not.  Did you grow through the experience?  For sure.  These are life’s lessons.  How you handle them will either make you a champion or you will be forced to face that struggle over and over again.  When you finally figure out that that struggle was put in your path to make you grow, you will accept the challenge, give it all you’ve got, and come out in the end, maybe a little bruised and battered, but with your hands held high in the air, crossing the finishing line with a “YES!” Take small steps, pace yourself, look for support when you need it, pick yourself back up when you fall.  The prize is in that child’s smile, the pride in their parent’s heart, and the comfort of knowing they will always remember what you taught them forever.  Because after all, you practice what you teach — life’s lessons.  Teachers … never underestimate the heart of a champion!


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